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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Foster Overload!!!

Well, it's been a very intense week for me and Doug!

Last Saturday was our first MAPP class which is the class for regular fostering. It lasts 5 weeks (it usually lasts 10 but we are doing double classes to get through quicker which is great!) Then Monday thru Friday we took the Medical Foster Classes which was a full 40 hour intense class. There were 21 of us taking the class in this tiny little room so it was rather cramped but we got through it. Then today we had our 2nd MAPP class. WHOA!!!

In between all of that I started on the MOUNTAIN of paperwork we have to fill out. I literally spent 5 hours total filling out the paperwork they gave me in the first MAPP class so that I could give that to them today. Plus the homework they give you to do and all the other things we have to do on top of that to get the house in order! It's just insane!

We really have a much better understanding of what we are in for, what this is going to entail, esp with the medical aspect of it but we are both really looking forward to this. All we care about is taking care of a sick child. I know I will be crying and sad every time they have to leave my home when they go back to their parents but I'm doing this to give the child a place when they need one.

I cannot tell you just how excited we really are to do this! Within the next month I guess we'll be having our first home visit with the regular foster system caseworker so we'll have to get the crib all set up and such by then. It'll be hard looking at that empty crib waiting to fill it!

That's about it from here. I just thought I'd post an update!!!! Keep us in your thoughts and prayers!!!! We're gonna need it!!!!!!


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