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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Dr's who guess...

Well after having tons of tests done, my Dr. still doesn't know why I have nerve damage in my leg and doesn't sound too concerned about it! He wants me to have Physical Therapy done but how can we treat this if we don't know where the problem is coming from? I have no choice now but to break down and get a 2nd opinion. I hate to do this as I really like Dr. Kim, but I can't risk me health on someone who's "guessing"... Not only that but one thing has bugged me about him for years. He's constantly pushing expensive prescriptions down patients throats. I remember a few years ago he wanted me to stop taking Imitrex and take this "new" migraine medicine. Problem is that that medicine wasn't approved on my plan and it would have cost me over $45 for just 5 pills! He insisted so I got it and it didn't help at all. He's always trying to get you off the "cheap" pills and wants you to take the most expensive ones. I wonder if he's in with the drug companies or something...

I hit my sales mark the other day at work and when my boss found out he said "I'll have to look into that" What is there to look into??? I printed out the report that shows I hit the mark... He honestly didn't think I was going to hit it and he promised me a nice bonus when I did so hopefully I'll get that soon...

Part of our job is preparing taxes and we are new doing it this year. It has been like pulling teeth to explain to customers why they don't want to get them done at H&R Block... I've been so frustrated with people being so argumentative when I simply give them a coupon to have them done with a discount and when I simply mention it... UGH!

I'm excited about New Years for one reason. JUNK FOOD without guilt! I am going to make my Frito Dip which is basically a pgk of cream cheese covered in Hormel Chili (no beans) and topped with shredded cheese. You bake til hot and dip Fritos in it! YUMMY!

I am still looking for a pattern to use my Ticker Tape on. I may try to sneak 2 more skeins of it at Michaels tonite which whould bring my total to 4... Maybe I could make something with that... I hope!


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