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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Master Bathroom Pictures

Well it only took me a couple of months to upload the pics and get them on my blog but here they are!!! Ok, these are the BEFORE pics... I don't whose brilliant idea it was to paint the walls different colors... UGH!!!

Me in the midst of paint...

My first attempt a a palm tree mural. As you can tell it was AWFUL!!!! I ended up painting over it and starting all over again!

Doug putting back fixtures...

These are the AFTER pics!!! As you can see I did a PALM TREE theme! I stenciled these on both sides of the bathroom door as well as the switch plate and on the cabinet doors over the toilet...

I really think the color brightens the whole room. Believe it or not, Doug picked lavendar! I wanted peach but he didn't. I like it though!

This was an awesome find! Since there are no windows in the bathroom it always seems so closed off. I happened to find these things called "Wallies" at Michaels which are little wallpaper things which you can re-position, put down, put back up, and so on and so forth and I saw this window and had to have it! It really makes the bathroom so much more open now!

And at last, my completed palm tree! This thing took me well over 25 hours of work! It was ALL done in free-hand and a lot of help from a really cool tutorial I found on You-Tube. It is so relaxing now when I take a bath with my palm tree and my window!!!! CALGON TAKE ME AWAY!!!!

Now it's on to the guest bathroom which we are going to paint peach (I already bought the paint) and will be doing in a sea-shell theme. I don't know when we'll get started on that but hopefully I'll post pictures much sooner than I did these!!!


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